As seen in strip 346.
Here's the description from the eBay auction page:

"Broken Miho" - 11x14 Pencil Rendering by Fred 'Piro' Gallagher

If you are familiar with my stuff, you know that I'm not a big fan of selling artwork. Every once and a while, there are good reasons to produce a piece for sale. Since i recently took the leap into doing Megatokyo full time, i feel like it's OK to produce a drawing or two to help get things going. Since someone might purchase this drawing, I wanted to make sure this drawing had as much potency as I could put into it.

Winged themes are very common in anime and manga, much like it is in western art. There are a lot of ideas behind this image, but mostly i started sketching the idea of Miho (a character in Megatokyo) in an almost 'broken doll' motif - and in the end she looks far more vulnerable than I thought she would.

This sketch is rendered in pencil on 11 x 14 Bristol Plate (157 lb). Please note that the artist retains the copyrights to the image, (I plan to keep working on the image and produce a color rendered image).

Shipping and Handling will be $10, to cover the cost of shipping the drawing anywhere in the United States. International shipping might be higher. Payment by Money Order or PayPal only please.

Thank you for your support!

Here's the picture used on the eBay auction page, slightly smaller than the version on FredArt.
Here's the banner that was at the bottom of the newsbox during the auction.
The winning eBay bid was for $1200.