Piro speaks:
You have to understand that when you have something that the interpritation and perception of has an impact on the story and the characters that you can't just spell it out. There are lots of threads that i have to get going in the opening scenes of this chapter, and it always irritates me when i have to spend valuable panel time setting up scenarios and plot impacting events these are immediately dismissed as 'filler' and 'yawn, we knew this already". THen when i try to apply the art of montage and make jumps, skipping over things people piss and moan about what happened and how did they get to this point.
This is largo we're talking about, you really think he's gonna grab a beer, sit down, and talk about girl troubles with his best bud? This is hard for him.
Personally, there are times when you have to leave things and jump to other story elements, and you leave some tension or question there because it leaves you wondering and gives the intermediate scenes a chance to influence your thoughts on what the answer to that question might be. For instance, if i jumped to, say, Kimiko talking to Erika right now, that would give away things that would impact your impression of Largo typing things out to Piro. I try to resolve things and leave things hanging as appropriate to the story. the one thing i will NOT do is pull the bullshit that guy who wrote The Davinci Code pulled, with a little dramatic "so what your saying is... (fade out)" cliffhanger every fucking scene change. For example, i'm not going to switch to Yuki for a while then return to Largo talking to Piro. THAT would be cruel because the intervening scene would interupt the main question we entered the current scene in.