l33t = l33t
massiv3 liv3 fir3 fr4gf357 = massive live fire fragfest

Piro speaks:
As you know, i tend to downplay or be critical of my work, and with the past few months of strips there have been a lot of drawings i'm really not happy with. Not that they were bad drawings, but the message they got across was not QUITE what i wanted, not quite what i was trying to emote, and as such the feel of the comic was a little different than my original plan.
This comic came off exactly right, prehaps even moreso. the last panel did indeed nail it for me, like i said, erika suprises me sometimes. The bit with the mouse came to me as i was scribbling it, and i too couldnt help by think of the telephone cord thing :) the hands i draw still suck, but they are getting better. If you can draw hands right, you can really increase the expressiveness of characters.

Piro speaks:
take a closer look - that hose goes down to the bottom of the panel. its just the same width as the vanes sketched above so it looks like the tube isnt there
its' connected and working just fine. Erika is not an idiot, you know.