Piro speaks:
Just to make it clear, because it is hard to really draw some of it clearly, here's the actors and what they are doing so far:
Junko's friend with bushy pigtails: Mermaid
Mami: Foxgirl
Asako: TeddyBear (this drawing of asako is pretty creepy to me, really)
Junko: Bunnygirl
Megumi: Catgirl w/ black ears
I wanted to do more, but it was hard just getting those in :)
Btw, part of this is also me experimenting with ways of writing, creating, of organizing thoughts and trying to maintain story plan from start to finish and managing the changes that happen to that overal plan as i draw it and create it. This HAPPENS when i create comics, which is why its so hard for me to create an overall plan, but i feel i really need to figure out how to have a solid, overall plan that allows for the flexibility that i need to really give MT the kind of ineresting life it has in it.
I'm a little disturbed by the disturbing things i sometimes want to show and alude to with MT when i do side stories. Most of the time, esp. with humor based series, the 'serious' side projects (like tenshi muyo) tend to be almost tounge and cheek. MT is different, for some reason i really can make these characters deadly, and brutally, serious... without taking away from who they are.