Piro speaks:
Largo has been on a journey. Like any adventurer, he is immersed in that journey. Does this mean he has changed? Sure he has, but it doesn't mean that suddenly he plays ALL games the way he has been playing this one. For example, when i was immersed in a game like Myst or Riven, i allowed myself to be taken in by the mood and the atmosphere of the game. Same goes for Final Fantasy. Do you play Super Monkey Ball with the same attitude you play Final Fantasy? How about Metal Gear Solid? Each game effects you differently, and when you play that game, you mood to that game.
I firmly believe that gaming is an emotional activity, and hard core gamers are just as emotive (if not moreso) than sappy emokittie wannabees like Piro. The intensity, the excitement, the passion that 'gamers' put into it, the joy of the defeat and the agony of victory (did i get that right?), etc... these are emotions. Ever play against someone who was just a cold fish? Not a lot of fun, is it? Even quiet, technically excellent players who seem to have no emotions have a drive to be the best at what they do, and get a warm joy out of beating the tar out of opponents. :P
I wouldn't worry too much about the 'old' largo. It's been difficult and complicated journey for him. You might also note that Largo has not been afraid to journey into Piro's turf here. Think about the duality of the MT story, and think about our other protagonist. :)
I like largo's craziness as much as anyone. It's part of who he is. The story i'm doing for him is very challenging, but i think i've done a pretty good job of keeping Largo... Largo. Time will tell how much the journey really did change him, because i'm not going to give that away yet :P