b3rz3rker r4mp4g3 = berzerker rampage

Piro speaks:
Yep, you will notice some odd things abou the shading - i'm doing some experiments with shading using pre-scanned hatching and applying them in photoshop. Shading takes a lot of time, and i'm experimenting with ways to streamline the drawing process. This comic was produced without any shading, and i experimented with adding shading in photoshop. One reason to do this is speed, the other is consistancy - sometimes, the shading varies way too much from page to page. It's not quite right yet, and i'll try refining this as i work on comics this month, hopefully it will start looking natural.
If i can't get it to a point im happy with it, i'll go back to hand hatching things. it should be possible, I just have to draw and scan in better hatch patternings. This comic looks ok, but its not really there yet.