Piro speaks:
Just a quick reponse to some of what people have said about the lack of clarity in where the bathroom is, especially with the fact that erika is looking up not to her left to where the bathroom is
I should have made her look that way, but i thought itd be cuter if she just looked up in a kind of suprise - she's not pointing towards the noise at all, sort of a 'oh' look.
The real problem is the fact that the sound effects start so far to the left. Thats a time thing, wanting to do the left to right flow of time in a comic panel. it was hard to get across the motion that you COULD see in that hallway shown at the right.
Anyways, it works sort of, not the clearest i could have done.
the last three panels too, imho, are not as good as i wanted. I had an idea for how that dialogue was supposed to work, and it just would not come together, so i had to go with simpler straight forward dialogue that works, but doesnt have the cleverness to it that i would have liked.
not a bad comic, but not the best either. I learned some things from it, as usual :)

Piro speaks:
See, i did a poorly researched layout for the girl's apartment years ago, and for story continuity i've been sticking with the basic layout ever since. Same thing with the boy's apartment over the MegaGamers store. If i were to design these spaces over, i'd change them quite a bit based on what i know now. They work well enough, it's only when you dive in and try to pick apart the details that things get shaky. (like, how the door swing changes in this chapter. That was stupid gaff on my part, but whatever, it didn't really hurt anything.
The big thing, though, is that i really think the sound effects in that middle panel are misleading. I'm going to revise the comic and pull them all to the right, behind piro. I really should have sat and looked at the flow of this comic before i posted it. I think it's worth making this change, so i'm going to do it
Secondly, this back and forth over piro's pudge. Yknow what? it's not attractive. It's not nesccisarily healthy for him to be overweight like that either. If piro looked solidly good without his shirt on, no love handles, lightly designed thinness... i think that would be pretty unrealistic, don't you? Fact is, when i first drew piro, i wanted him to be a heavier build. He was supposed to be somewhat pudgy, like i was. Over time, just the nature of drawing him, he seemed to get thinnner, and was not 'fat' per se, but to me he's always had a pudginess to him that was not overwhelming, but was there. Sort of like me now - i don't look fat or pudgy when i'm dressed, but you can tell i don't go to the gym regularly. even at my thinnest in college, when i was actually working out for a while, i still had a gut. Should he be ashamed of being somewhat pudgy? Sure, a little, but i don't think that it's any reason for him to go crawl in a corner and hide himself in shame. He's got plenty of other reasons to feel that way. Like for many of us, being someone overwheight is just one more thing that we don't like about ourselves and have trouble changing.