Piro speaks:
she is not an established seiyuu. I kinda figured that was obvious. She managed to get a real break with this part, and the point of some of this is that she is getting top level attention, and she has no structure to work with it.
Kimiko is dealing with a sudden popularity that more of a fad than popularity built on years of hard work and better and better roles. THere is a HUGE danger that it will flare out and she will be forgotten almost instantly. There are all kinds of fame, what Kimiko has here is not really the good kind, afiak.
Anyways, there are times when i DELIBERATELY go askance of what reality might be in tokyo. Sometimes i do it to make a point, sometimes i do it because it would be too confusing for readers, requiring explanations that would get in the way of the story. I make assumptions that are incorrect quite often, but overall i put a serious intent of felecting real tokyo as much as possible. It's a big mixed bag.