tilting windmills - suggestive of "tilting at windmills", a reference to Don Quixote de la Mancha
This sold on eBay for $2,550.00. The text from the auction description was:

Inspired by my subtle reworking of the 'circuity' short story omake from the end of Chapter 6, these four drawings depict four different Megatokyo characters as how they might exist in the 'curcuity' world. I leave it to the viewer to discern whatever he or she might from the elements of each drawing - the wings, the windmills, the artifacts and the characters themselves and what they bring to this world.

These drawings were originally released on the Megatokyo.com website as part of a two week break needed to work on my upcoming book, Megatokyo Volume 4 (which will be released by CMX/DC Comics in June). "DPD" stands for "Dead Piro Day" - days that i post a drawing rather than a full comic. I rarely auction or sell original drawings, so this is a chance to own one of my better pieces.

This drawing is the second of the "Two Week" DPD sketches and is of Hayasaka Erika and is drawn on 8.5 x 11 bright white inkjet paper in pencil (.5 mm HB lead in a mechanical pencil). This scan is a raw scan that i have not cleaned up to remove any artifacting or smudges - only the levels have been adjusted to make the lines clear (as i do with all drawings for Megatokyo), A raw scan with no adjustments at all can be viewed here. The original relase of this image on Megatokyo can be viewed here.

Drawings will be shipped unmounted, but well protected by mat board. Shipping cost to be covered by the purchaser.

thank you for bidding on this drawing, and as always thank your for supporting Megatokyo!


Larger Picture