ph34r t3h cut3 on3s = fear the cute ones
r3du>< = redux
b4k4 = baka = idiot
.md3 is a Quake 3 character skin file type
This is another remake/followup to b4k4.md3, which was used on the original b4k4^2 t-shirt in the long gone MegaTokyo CafePress store with the heading "ph33r the cute ones".

Prio speaks:
saw some mention of reloading and whatnot, so i thought i'd give some clarification on what her loading pattern is in this 'snapshot'. I am not a weapons or a handgun expert by any real means (tho i have handled them and shot my share of 9mm target stuff (mostly on an S&W of a model number i can't actually remember - probably whatever came before the S910S.) Most of MY 'artistic licence' in the use of weaponry comes from time mispent absorbing Applessed comics :P There are worse places to get such impressions. :)
Anyways, Piroko has one round left. She is holding another full magazine in readyness to drop the currrent magazine when that last round is fired and smack in the next one and continue.
Technically, tho - if a better senario would be *2* rounds left - once she has one round left the magazine COULD be ejected and a new one inserted... i believe. Having zero combat training in such things, i suppose that a true pro would count her rounds and know where she was so as to not have to interupt her fire.