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How convenient that Piro can hear the radio show now without getting the recording from Miho.

Piro speaks:
Im not responding to this as a critique, but i figured i'd give a response to the deus ex machina implication because that is exactly what i'm trying to avoid :)
See, the idea that the only place Piro could get a recording of the show is from miho IS too contrived, imho. Sure, if no one cared or liked the show, maybe the recordings people make of this otaku based show might not be easy to find, BUT, given the interest in the show, i think it'd be weird if there WASN'T several MP3 and podcast versions of the show floating around minutes after the show. It's an exagerated otaku based culture that can track idols pretty much live, i think it'd be odd to think they wouldnt make the show available :P