Piro speaks:
i KNEW i'd get someone who knew about climing and rapelling getting nitpicky :P
fyi, its hard to really get good info on rapelling tecnique - since this is not a modern tech kinda thing, i couldnt just have them using modern doohickies to rapel with... he's supposed to be sitting mostly on the rope, using his leg to help brake - but since i've never climbed, i am probably way off :)

Did Piro's gloves suddenly appear from nowhere?

Piro speaks:
actually, not continuity error at all - AND, i'm not making this up. he yanked the gloves on to go down the rope - so he pulled the gloves on as he threaded the rope to rapell from... and yes, i did think of that when i was drawing it. First drew him without gloves then realized that he'd probably wear them to go down.
so there :P
(actually, its more fun to be self-correcting after the fact :)