Piro speaks:
Just a comment on people thinking Kimiko's rant too practiced... you do realize this is isn't something she's coming up with on the spot here. If anything, it is her more practiced attitude toward things mixed in with her current emotional state. Haven't you ever listened to someone go off on how they feel about something... for the 20th time? :P (note that Megumi has heard it so many times she just re-itterates it right back to kimiko back near the start of the comic)
I'm all for letting readers think for themselves, but you have to balance that with giving information to readers. I am also trying to compensate for excessive subtlety of the last chapter, so you'll have to forgive some heavy handed moves here and there.
Someone did point out that i forgot headphones for Mumu (at least) - thing is, i DID draw them in the first frame of the radio conversation, then forgot them in subsiquent drawings. Duh. No cookie for me on radio show stuff (guests, in my experience, don't always wear them)