Piro speaks:
A big thanks to kaki for all her help with the japanese. By help, i mean, by taking my lines of english and giving me the right tone and translations for Kimiko's japanese. Remember, my japanese is horrid, and im as capable of generating cute kimiko japanese as i am of ever posting a comic on time :) Thanks kaki :)
Is she saying anything important? Sure. Doesn't mean you have to understand it :) Till someone translates it, enjoy being in largo's shoes for a while.

pixiebell speaks:
Hi from the person who translated the recent comics from Fred. Fred asked me to post an official translation, but I kind of resisted him on the issue because I felt the point of being "Lost in Translation" which was really charming in this strip would be lost the minute an official translation was out.
But after reading everyone's translations and questions, some being extremely good and some giving me some serious reason to pause or smash my head on the table, I decided to post an official translation.

pixiebell speaks:
No!!! Please don't run away! Erika didn't mean to hurt you!
She may seem cold, but she really is a caring person. Erika has been hurt so many times that she doesn't want to open up to anyone again. But that is just a facade. She's really just so afraid of getting hurt again, Largo-san!
But I think that Erika doesn't want you to give up on her. I believe that!
So, if you like her even just one bit, please don't give up on her.
You won't give up, right, Largo-san? Will you promise me that?

I can put out a translation into Japanese for Largo too, but I don't think anyone really needs that. I think "Bleh" is about the same in all languages. . . .

pixiebell speaks:
Fred gave me a general script idea of what he wanted, but let me tweak it around as I saw fit for Japanese girl dialogue. I asked questions as I worked on it, while getting ready for work, about intent and context, since admittedly, I know little about the comic. Thank god for AIM.