Shitsureishimashita~! = Excuse me, I'm sorry
Nigenaide kudasai = Please don't run away
Ochitsuite kudasai yo~! = Please Calm down, Please relax
Tsukamaeta! = Caught you, gotcha!

Dom speaks:
Just in case you were wondering, the kanji you can cut and paste for everything, to look them up:
Panel one:
Panel 4:
Panel 7:
(note that the "tsu" in "tsukamaeta" can also be pronounced "ho", and that it is actually the exact same character that appears in "taiho")

Piro speaks:
Meimi i lightly shaded because she is moving fast. I didnt want to use a blur filter because i dont like to digitize effects too much (note that i've been shading the sky rather than using gradients in this chapter).
Sure, it doesnt work, but that doesn't make it a mistake. That makes it a graphics failure. Megatokyo is full of failed experiments and attempts to make movements clear. I refuse to use speed lines, excessive sound effects or other things to get ideas across. They look out of place when i do it, so i avoid it (unless really nessisary)