Piro speaks:
Bleah. Ok, a few minor tweaks to the comic, if you look close enough at panel 3.
I dont mind the comments about the confusion around panel three and people not seeing that the snapshot here is a second or so AFTER largo's elbow impacts piro's face, and his head is knocked back. That's not people being dumb, that's me not drawing it clearly enough, or framing the sequence right. It's ok, and it works, but it is somewhat confusing. I tried a few things with the sound effect, moving it further away, overlapping the 2nd and 3rd panel, but i decided to just give it a tad more space and let it be. None of these comics are perfect anyway, so i shouldnt worry about it. Sorry about the confusion. When it comes to sequential art, if you have to explain it, you didn't do a good enough job showing it. :)
the other minor quibble i had, and it was noticed, was that Kimiko's expression in that 3rd panel looked... gleeful. That was a suprise. Here's a full size clip of her expression:

not glee, but when you shrink it down to web rez, the expression sure seems to change slightly, doesnt it? Also note that the frames really are never fully cleaned up - some of the artifacting in the image just dont show up in the final comic :)
Anyways, i tweaked the frame so that her expression is clearer.