ninj4 = ninja
n4ked = naked
skillz = skills

Piro speaks:
I glanced at some of the commentary that basically dealt with how irritated people were that they weren't seeing the largo/erika exchange, and how i was in some sort of grave error by not doing so.
Look, first you people get all over my ass because the story moves too slow and the pacing is off. There is some kind of weird expectation that you need to see every minute of every day. I've done that in the past, with disasterous results - you end up making something significant happen ever 15 minutes, which is just not how real life works. Sure, there are all sorts of intersting things i could show of today. Some of the fan signings could be hliarious. Ping talking about her sleepover. Seraphim taunting piro's mind with more examples of how Erika and Largo are emotionally involved. More Kimiko at the studio scenes, Junpei interacting with approaching fans...
lots of stuff i skipped over, all of which could have made good comics. If i had done that, we wouldn't reach this point until March. Aren't you keen for things to start moving along a little? There's lots of stuff ahead.
As for today's, why shouldn't largo be direct? Piro asked him whats up, he told him. Initially i had a script that had a lot of sexual innuendo coming from largo's description of his 'how to build a computer' lesson, and decided that while it was funny, it felt unnatural. It really did. So i dropped it.
Honestly, for all its craziness, megatokyo is a story about inbetween moments - the bits of living between the disasters. Thats where the life is.