Piro speaks:
and if anyone asks for a large version of the last panel, i'll put them on 'the list'
you know, the one i give to dom every month. For cleaning the 'cache'

Piro speaks:
Keep in mind that this is a normal frame, really - it was never meant to stand along as an illustration, so please disregard the roughness around the edges.

Piro speaks:
For the record, it's not a see thru skirt. It's a mockery of a school uniform skirt, in black, with black piping (or off red - the original has red piping, and has a tartan underskirt to it (which i did not include). It's similar to standard skirt fabirc, and has a bit of a sheen but is mostly matte finish, with a texture similar to linen (i forget exactly what the fabiric is called)
The original skirt is based on a skirt by Putumayu, for those who are curious beyond reason. The corset is based on one by Atelier-Pierrot & Carina e Arlequin, with my own modifications and tweaks, of course :)