l4m3 = lame
w34k = weak
Was this predictable?

Piro speaks:
yknow, i hate to say it, but i honestly dont care what people predict is going to happen next -- i never have, never will. :P MT is not an exersize in keeping people guessing. Stories about about the experience of them, not about always being suprised. Jeeze.
Besides, what do you think will really happen next? I like to think that you really dont know. Also, given largo's character, would he open the case of his computer *without* wanting to strip down to protect the components? Right. Then i'd have people bitching that he was out of character.
Oh, and I hate to break it to you people, but if i feel that nudity or the seeing someone's undergarments is part of the story, then i'll show it. There may be times in the future you might be surprised at what i do. These characters have lives, and you are watching them. I have respect for the characters, and people seem to mistake this for some kind of oversensitive prudishness.

Dom speaks:
Just remember that Fred and I are big Bloom County fans ;)