Piro speaks:
It's actually a 10mm Glock 20, very poorly drawn. THat's not a hammer ass'y on the back, just a thin delineation on the back was because i couldn't find a decent picture of the back of one of them, so i winged it :) Glock safeties work from both sides (if i remember correctly) and have internal hammers so... ya.
Hey, i've drawn the ejection chamber on the wrong side of the gun before. I don't claim to have otaku-like intensity of detail, more like fred-like fuzzy combinations of real details and winging it. :)
Dom carries multiple weapons, as many of you have by now figured out. My first drawing of dom getting hit was showing multiple handguns flying, but then it occurred to me that dom would use high quality holsters that would keep that from happening :)
(truth is, a Glock 20 might be bigger than i have it drawn. I don't own one for scale reference, yknow :P)

Piro speaks:
dom is right handed, he yanked it out with his left hand as his fell and rolled, smacked it squarely into his shooting hand with his left hand - that's why its open the way it is. Dom is quick. no need to sacrifice accuracy if you don't have to.