The third panel of this strip was up for the morning as a placeholder while the rest of the strip was being finished.
Why the jump from Erika and Largo to Piro downstairs?

Piro speaks:
as for the cutting around - the problem is that there was a week delay between this and the last story comic. thats where the pacing flaw is. From a timing perspective, i felt that this was the best place for this cut. Cuts are not just about pacing, but juxtipisition, contrast.
oh, and the whole evil thing. that too.

Piro speaks:
Glad people like todays comic, but it seems no one picked up on a subtle little detail i put in it. (chuckle) You over-analizers are falling down on the job.

Piro speaks:
feh. you all missed the month reference in the panel i posted that had piro with his head on the desk (it was that temporary filler thing)
There's a reference in there that will tell you what month it is.
oh, and for the record, it is indeed saturday right now in Chapter 6
Most recent comics also should give a hint as to the time of year, if you look.

You mean the number on the spine of that manga book?

Piro speaks:
and yes it's a 9. It's september.
as mt rolls along it has to get colder, of course.