Yuber is a character from the Suikoden game series.

Dom speaks:
Is it funny? Maybe, but probably not. Is it true? Yes, all of it. And that's what I wanted out of it. Consider this me taking a break from trying to be strange and funny, and just trying to talk... or, if you don't want to hear excuses from me, I'm just stupid tired and couldn't find a way to present the weekend's events in a funnier light.
And if you're wondering, the con was called Anime Destiny and the website is/was:
My friends and I got honorable mention for our skit--which, to be honest, was just me prancing around and singing "I'm Yuber, thanks for asking!"

Hey Dom, do you have the full lyrics to that song you sang in your skit?

Dom speaks:
Yes, yes I do. I'll post them later, probably after work. I don't think it's good luck posting filk lyrics based around Suikoden III if I'm going in to work at Konami in a few minutes...

Dom speaks:
Ask and ye shall receive. As for the actual skit, given that there was no preparation and especially no chorus behind me, I cut it at the "That even the fact that you can't talk can't bring me--OW!" That was the point where the Luc cosplayer dragged me off stage by the braid.

Spells are flying! People are dying!
Children are crying, politicians are lying too!
Dark Sword is killing! McDoul's just chilling!
The whole world's gone to hell... but how are you?

I'm Yuber, thanks for asking!
All things considered I couldn't be better I must say!
I'm feeling Yuber, and nothing bugs me,
Everything is Yuber when you're
Don't you think I look cute in this hat?

I'm so sorry, Miss Pilika,
But I just can't feel too bad for you right now
Because I'm feeling so sanely Yuber
That even the fact that you can't talk can't bring me down!

(He's Yuber, thanks for asking
All things considered he couldn't be better he must say!)

I'm Yuber, no nothing bugs me!
Everything is Yuber when you're
Don't you think I look cute in this hat
These little pants this matching top I got at Vogue

I'm Yuber!

(In the dungeons and the world map as well!)

Stick 'em up!

(Yuber wants to send you to Hell!)


(Yes, he's Yuber and he's proud to be gay)


Everything is Yuber when you're... gaaaaay
When you're gay!