Piro speaks:
I've been working on some new poster designs for the MG store, and this is the first of them - i have wanted to do a Kimiko in Snow kind of poster for a while, and this one is actually coming out pretty good. I'm posting it today as a DPD to see just how much everyone hates it. ^^;; I've been trying to get a softer, more rendered look than I usually get. Been cutting my teeth experimenting with photoshop to hlep me add a little more life to my usually very dully colored images.
We will be printing posters of these - how many we get depends on how people react to this ^^;; I haven't offered a poster like this for Megatokyo - it really does speak strongly to one side of Megatokyo, and to Kimiko and Piro in particular. I'm kind of nervous about this, but we'll see what people think :) I really am not sure if people are interested in this kind of mood to put on thier wall.
The background is actually taken from photographs of Tokaido station that i took while visiting MT locations in tokyo. I had it backwards, the rail line goes OVER the road, not the other way around. :) Kimiko and Erika live in Tokaido. The station is up and to the right from where Piro is standing. Its a little confusing, but the green thing in the foreground there is a pedestrian bridge which is right next to the rail bridge, and the station goes OVER the road (you can see the canopy). Neat stuff really.
Anyways, hope you guys like it. I spent a lot of time trying to get the drawing right for this, and im hoping my coloring doesn't reduce its effectiveness (as usually happens with my drawings when i try to color em :)

Piro speaks:
oh, i case you were interested, here's what the poster design actually looked like - sort of, not finished of course:

Piro speaks:
ok, i've reached a reasonable stopping point with the poster. Changed a number of things, lots of subtle tweaks, and some overall changes that improve things a tad. If i'm going to print any of these things, i need to at least hit it one or two more times. Here's the overall layout: