Dom speaks:
Just remember, people, this is Dead or Alive. Just because you fell out a stained glass window a few dozen stories doesn't mean the fight's over... heck, you only see one hit actually land all strip.

Piro speaks:
Just a quick note - this has always been part of Erika's past. Right from the beginning one of the amusing things in Erika's past was that she modeled for Kasumi (hense the TGS boothbabe thing). Erika was no way as developed then as she is now (character wise, im talking ^^;;) but this was something that was just needing to surface.
Oh, and sorry for the perceptable curve in Largobusa's sword in the first panel. It's really supposed to be straight. Of course, there are no straight lines in nature (your eye curves everything) but... its supposed to be striaght. :)
PS: oh, i can make a clearer version of Panel 3 availible if people want. ^^;;

Piro speaks:
ask and yee shall (sometimes) recieve: