w33py = weepy
-san = standard Japanese name suffix, shows politeness.

Piro speaks:
I know this particular comic feels somewhat transitory - sorry about that, sometimes its hard to move characters around and to get things set up right. As for largo and piro's friendship... you do know that good friends will sometimes get irritated with each other. If piro or largo were not effected by the actions of the other, and didnt react in some way, then they really wouldnt have a friendship because they would be pretty indifferent. If anything, largo is not used to piro telling him to buzz off. In fact, he's not used to being dismissed at all, yet that has happened to him a lot this chapter...
Another problem with this chapter - and its not a problem, its just that its been hard for readers... most of the main characters have had a rough time this chapter, a very rough time. I didnt realize just how kinda down it all felt when it all came together. There are reasons for it all, good or bad, and hopefully the way im gonna pull this together works, but we'll see.