hime = princess
-rin - a rarer suffix analogous to -chan that emphisizes cuteness.
The trapdoor with a stuffed animal perched on top is reminiscent of the hole between Keitaro's and Naru's rooms in Love Hina.
That's the bear from strip [210]
The line "Don't know why we worried about her." occurs in book four of the Appleseed manga.

Piro speaks:
Applessed was one of my first manga titles, i collected it when it first came out in monthly from from Eclipse (i think it was eclipse that published them first? i could be wrong. I know Studio Proteus and Toren were always behind the trans). :P Anyways, i wrote the line and was like 'god, where have i heard that before?' and hah, i too recalled when ... fang's parther ??? (the books are packed away and i cant look it up!) says that near the close of book 4.
and yes, the love hina reference was deliberate. references and spoofs are part of the fun of MT.