-san = standard Japanese name suffix, shows politeness.
Sensei = Teacher

Dom speaks:
Hahahaha... I love it when people complain about our failure to please all of the people all of the time.
So what if there aren't any earthshaking developments like in previous strips in this chapter? (Pardon the pun, I had to make it).
Here's the way I see it: A girl walks in on a scene that looks much more innocent to her than it does to people who were there for the explosion (she sees construction, not devastation). She sees someone in a costume she recognizes, then she sees someone she recognizes. She asks him what's been going on. He tells her his opinion of what happened, then asks a question that makes perfect sense in his logical calculus. He waits for an answer to his question. It's a natural thing to do.
What do you want, for us to start with an earthquake and build up to a climax? For Largo to pull Kimiko into his muscular Clark-Gable-in-Gone-With-the-Wind-posters arms and tell her "It's dangerous here, we'll talk more about it when you're safe" as soft lighting highlights his roguish, knee-melting Errol Flynn smile? For Erika to barge out of the store, infuriated by the morning's happenings, then grow to fifty feet in height and trample buildings wearing nothing but her unmentionables? For Dom to look at the river and finally show if he really has the pocket aces he's been betting like he had? Wait, don't answer that. I'll just move on.
We built up to the "earthquake", starting back in strip 420 (or if you really want to go back, 191. That was almost three years ago). The "earthquake" happened. People are now dealing with its aftermath in their own ways. As we've proven to both the audience and ourselves in previous chapters, trying to show five different people and what they're doing all at once presents horrible, horrible layout and pacing problems. So now we're trying it a more natural way--people come in and out of the picture, and while they're all important in one way or another, you get to see the big picture over time.
If you enjoy it, great. If you don't enjoy it, great. There'll be another strip, and another part of the picture, on Monday.