m3g4 l33t = mega leet
ph33r & ph34r = fear

Piro speaks:
Japan has basically 'seperated' Piro and Largo from each other. Back home, they use to troll the same fields looking for things to give meaning to thier lives. It was an odd friendship, but like so many, it worked.
Yet in japan, both are immersed in things that are more purely tuned to thier specific worlds. They dont even SEE each others worlds here. That was a nessisary run of the story, and it made for a strengthening of what each of them is. That way, as thier newer, broader worlds start to colide and intersect more often, the fireworks will be that much higher.
I do appologize for the fact that this started out as 'just a couple of guys doin shit' comic and seems to change, but in the end, that is what its about. Thier relationship and friendships are challenged and will be challeneged a lot in the future. We've seen thier worlds operate indipendently, and more recently even just out of each other's view. What happens when they start to intersect more?
I think in the end it will say a lot more about the kinds of friendships that guys tend to have. Honestly, has anyone ever seen what happens to 'the guys' onec a girl enters the lives of one of them? Things change. Piro's head is spinning with a whole slew of them and he doesnt know which way to turn. Largo is suffering from lack of stimulation. He is an american who grew up on overstimulation of tv, video games and other things... he's had none of it, he's been wandering around seeking stimulation, and, er, finding it.
They aren't hiding in video games here. there are supposedly real things going on. Maybe its a question of intensity, but in the long run you will see where things go - do they stay friends? do they drift apart? what happens if one's world comes crashing down? what happens if the other doesnt help? What happens if one of them thinks thier friend is less important than the world they live in? Makes you wonder, doesnt it?