Piro speaks:
what's throwing you is that her left eye is open slightly more than her right eye. Also, the hands are a bit off, the stance too, but its are emotive throw down on paper, that panel, and i decided not to mess with it. Really didnt clean up these much.

Piro speaks:
I normally don't poke in with much on things like this, but i thought i'd make few quick comments.
First off, this is almost a DPD, really. After getting back from South Bend last night, and trying to get going today, i felt pretty bleah most of the day, and had a lot of trouble getting going. There are a number of things going on in the comic right now (as always) and one of the keys to this chapter for me is to better integrate them than i have done so in the past (as opposed to so much random jumping around that people were more confused than anything)
This is probably the first real 'jarring transition' in a while, but i did it for a reason - that was sorta the effect i was going for. As usual with the one-page-at-a-time progression of the comics, the nature of the structuring of this page and the ones following it won't make sense until i'm done with the sequence. Sorta hard to understand it while you are in mid-jump, so to speak. Reading in sequence, they should work.
Or rather, i hope it works. Not sure if it will or won't really.
Regardless as to whether or not it works or not, i'm just staying true to an old mantra about MT that i sorta always plan to follow - i'm not going to be afraid to experiment. Ya, experimenting can lead to duds, or things that dont work as well as you thought they might, but sometimes they do, and to me that makes for better comics in the long run :)
So, in short - sorry for any seeming akwardness in flow here, and my appologies of this experiment doesn't work very well :)

Piro speaks:
Also, the main point of the strip is to evoke a response to Kimiko's acting, and its sorta like changing the chanel real quick and seeing something that grabs you and totally changes your mood.
"Sight" is one of those games that falls solidly into either the "utsu game" (depressing game) or "Naki game" (crying game) categories. Kanon, for example, is solidly in the "Naki game" category :P For a while, it seemed like every single visual novel that was coming out was sad or depressing as hell, there was like this obsession with death for a while. It's still there, to a refined degree. I think that the real goal of these games is to emotionally involve the player, and strong themes like death can move players.
anyways, just a side note of little interest.