Dom speaks:
"Gomen" is a shortened (IE casual) form of "gomen nasai", which is "I'm sorry."
In most situations, I'd translate Gomen in a way that isn't "I'm sorry", like "my bad" or something similarly casual.

Wait... how did Largo end up on his back like that?

Piro speaks:
we are talking about a woman who can break your arm with one hand just by gripping and twisting. That's substantially more force than normally found in the real world. (and the question remains can she really do this, or is this just largo-view)
in falling, she flailed out to grab something. That something was largo. Catching largo she yanked hard to keep herself from falling, the end result being largo going down. Someone said 'flung' - thats pretty much what happened. as a part of the arc of that motion largo ended up on his back, in the box.
This kept her from going down *hard*, but she still ended up on her hands and knees. Another possible motion would have been if she kept spinning to the right, trying to save herself (flinging largo over her so that he would have ended up on the box on the OTHER side.
anyways, the are so many vectors of force in the human body that its real hard for someone like me, who has no real understanding of anatomy, and no real ability to draw such actions. Also, my explanation here is rather unimportant because if you have to explain what you are drawing, you have failed with what you were drawing.
the main failure in todays comic is that people think largo is glaring at erika. he is not, he is looking at the door. They are both frozen, being quiet, as the threat passes. The prob is two fold here - the eye is too small to be clear at this resolution. the door behind largo in that frame is the bathroom door, not the door to the apartment.
anyways, no point in explaining it, becuase if its not clear in the drawings, its not right for me to clarify it :)

Piro speaks:
It's ok, i've had this problem in the past with MT stuff, there are always drawings that are not read the way i inteneded. That's what comicing is all about, getting ideas across. if you can't get em across well, then you need to be more clear. Resolution hurt that frame with largo, as well as the door in the background. I should delete that, just to maybe help clarify things
On another note, it's been very interesting for me to note something here. It's amazing to me how many people seem to be dissapointed that this follow thru to the fall from the previous strip is 'anticlimactic'. I mean, this is the second time that people seem to be genuinely upset that i didnt follow thru with some standard anime formula. Facinating, really - the reason the formulas exist is because people LIKE them. really really interesting to note that. I thought i was gonna have a riot on my hands when i blew past the cliche bath scene the way i did. Now, there are many of you who view anything short of largo and erika on the floor face to face - first off, i dont think that even in the cliche this amounts to kissing (more like faces getting hammered together in a unavoitable face contact, which from my experience means a smashing together of teeth more than some soft kissage, but thats me) - and, well, i know where im going with all of this, none of you do, so you'll just have to be patient :P
patience, patience. If you think about it, the other cliche of someone walking in on them would have diffused a lot of things here. Think about it.

Piro speaks:
Just a quick comment on the layout of the top floor apartment.
I goofed in some past comics regarding the location of the door in relation to the reast of the room. Pretty sad for an architect, i know, for a while i was indicating the door was on the SIDE of the building, not the back - doh, its supposed to be on the back (that was established early on). I actually have a layout sketched out that i should share, showing rough locations of things. I've kept it loose over the years because... well, i'm lazy.
What i really need to do is get a staff like Akamatsu, and have someone enter the entire store put into Maya so backgrounds can be printed out and then traced. :) That'd be cool...