OAV = Original Animation Video, anime released direct-to-video, often used to put out a short series that is a sequel to a longer television series. Also called OVA.
seiyuu = voice actress
Come now, could Piro really have been that big a fan and yet never recognized her?

Dom speaks:
I take it you've never met the average anime fan? The one whose loyalties die after about, oh, six months or so.
I used to really like Yokoyama Chisa.
If she served me dinner, I probably wouldn't recognize her.
Chiba Saeko, HER I'd recognize. Right now. If I ever fall out of her fandom (heaven forbid), will I recognize her face to face in 4 years? They're VOICE actresses, after all...

Piro speaks:
actually, the whole point of the strip is to emphisize and contrast the difference between reality and fantasy. For piro he cannot connect the voice actress Hayasaka with the real person Hayasaka because for piro his fantasies and his realities are two seperate things - his fantasy world is a protected little world where he goes to hide. Reality has largo and worries about money and the drudgery of working. Hayasaka Erika is one of many Seiyuu that he has worshiped over the years, and she doesnt exist in that 'real' world. It's also a world where there is no way he could have a real relationship, which is why he has to suppress the thoughts he has about Kimiko.
Contrast this to Largo who doesn't seperate the two worlds - he's as open about his fantasies as he is about his realities. I dunno which is worse, really. That's what i'm trying to find out :)
I appreciate the critique, but it's not a cheap shot, not really. Connecting these two worlds, for Piro, is a pretty major event, and as such (being MT) some extremeness is par for the course.
Also, someone said how Piro probably hasn't even really looked at Erika's face - bravo, very astute. I am shy like that myself. Piro has barely really looked at her before, certainly not enough to take in her features.
I used to be a huge Sakurai Tomo fan back in the day. I even collected series that she was in that were pretty lame, just because she was the VA. I don't know if i'd recognize her today, i've moved onto other things. The extreme thing here is the name - piro even knew the name but didn't connect them. I've had moments like that, i tend to be pretty dense. I suppose its hard for very outgoing people to understand how piro can be like this, but trust me, piro is like me on a GOOD day.
The continuity here is just fine. I've been planning this for a while.

Dom speaks:
Sakurai Tomo actually changed her name and went into singing... I definitely don't know where she is now. :)
And as another note, another thing that can throw people off (not that it necessarily applies in this situation) is the vagaries of kanji. People often change their name kanji around to create pen/stage names, and then go back to their old kanji during the day--with few the wiser. The character's the thing, not the sound.

Body pillow? (a.k.a. dakimakura)

Piro speaks:
I have a friend who collects them. He's got quite a few at this point. Oh, and some of them are quite disturbing. Many have the character fully dressed on one side, and then in some stage of undress on the other.
ya, much wrongage. :)