Piro speaks:
The best thing about getting married on new years eve is that its pretty much impossible to forget your wedding anniversary. :)
On a random note... yknow, three years ago on that day Sarah and i had just gotten married, and were watching the fireworks in Las Vegas, watching the military helicopters fly around the city (we were staying at Mandalay Bay) and it was fun. I remember that no one knew we were there, and then the day before we left two fans recognized us in a restaurant in the Luxor. >_< Luckily, they didn't seem to catch on to anything funny at the time :P Fun stuff.
Also, here's something amusing - Britney Spears got married the same day (remember when she got married to some childhood friend then they 'annuled' it the next day?) heh. I normally could care less about celebrity tripe like this, but i find it amusing that since then, she has been married and divorced twice, has had two kids, managed to completely supernova her carreer and image, become a stock joke on shows like Keith Olbherman and other shows that make fun of celbrities... when i think about this, it makes me feel very good about my life :)