Boo the hamster comes to us from the Baldur's Gate series, where he serves as the sidekick/mascot of the warrior Minsc, who believes him to be a miniature giant space hamster.

Piro speaks:
(chuckle) so much for revisionist history.
Fact is, i drew Boo with a tail initially. I posted it that way, then Largo pointed out to me that hamsters dont HAVE tails, so i edited it out.
about 2 years ago, maybe a little less, we went thru and updated the copyright info on the comics and did some edits, all from the original files. In doing so, the ORIGINAL drawing was used again, and i forgot to edit out the tail.
You will note that the tail is edited out in the book. I coulda swore i fixed that online too, but maybe i forgot ^^;;
ah well, if they can have mistakes in movies, i can have mistakes in this hack of a comic :P