Makoto speaks:

ph34r d4 fr0 = fear the fro (the strip title)
Dyn0l337 = dynoleet, instead of 70s catchphrase dynomite

Piro speaks:
the preacher is NOT piro. the goth girl is Piroko. Largo has the fro, Dom has the rockabilly do. Makoto is Makoto, Ukyo was the admin and the guy with the shotgun in the first one was Fanboy Number one (just a obsessed MT fanboy who reads way too much into everything he reads in the comic)
Speaking of 70s retro, it's actually a big mix. Largo is about as 70s retro as you can get, but the idea here is what if there was a GTA game set in tokyo? There's a LOT you can do with that.
Remember, i was a kid in the 70s. I remember this stuff

Piro speaks:
tee hee
Piroko is actually using a Heckler & Koch USP 40 9mm compact handgun. It's not her usual handgun, She tends to prefer Sig Sauer P226 9mm full size sidearms in most games, but is considering switching to the Sig Pro SP2009 9mm, but isn't sure yet. She has been seen using Glocks as well.
am i a gun otaku? no, but i know enough about firearms to know that a 9mm (at least the one's ive fired) sound more like a 'pop' than a 'KERBLAM!' you hear in the movies :P
oh, and yeah, her HK has a lasersight ... which might be some artistic liberty on my part. I don't think they make an integral laser sight for sub compacts like that, but i wanted to avoid the 'but she was pointing at his glasses!' comments :P
and for some reason Piroko is left handed. She always seems to be. I dont know why