omake = bonus or extra
Grand Theft Colo: Otaku City - pun on the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Otaku = Fanboy
MegaTokyo is hosted by ColoGuys.
Yes, he is wearing a "Sad Kimiko in Snow" blanket as a cape.
Ukyo is the guy who runs the real MT server at ColoGuys. His t-shirt in the strip says "I own, no you can't have any". The funny thing is, he actually does own the domain name
4ir ou7 j00r dom3 = air out your dome
Makoto really is the name of the MT server. The name comes from Kanon, in which Makoto is the girl who adopts the cat Piro. That's Makoto in the trunk, with added Ping-esque earblades.

Makoto speaks:
mmmmmfmmfmmfmmmfmmfm! Tasukete!

(Tasukete! = Help!)
-rin - a rarer suffix analogous to -chan that emphisizes cuteness.
Also on the server rack: Real Life, Mac Hall, and Little Gamers. All of which were hosted by ColoGuys at the time.
Nikuman - a meat filled steamed bun (niku = meat, manjuu = steamed bun with filling). Kanon's Makoto is especially fond of nikuman.
Largo's rings spell "L33T".

Piro speaks:
Some quick notes on the GTC / GTA spoof.
First off, the idea for some sort of hard boiled / Pulp Fiction-esque side romp ala MT style has been knocking around inside my head for years. The concept is kinda simple - what if you did totally *wrong* things with the MT characters, sort of highly contrasted them, yet worked in some odd way with the physics of thier personalities. The idea of Fro Largo (Largoshin) is actually an old one. It was, i think, rodney's idea ^_^ It's been a funny inside joke for years, and it's nice to start putting down some of the ideas of wrongness down on paper.
With that, i do need to put out a disclaimer. Like some people have said here, you might not find it all funny. In fact, I am a tad worried that what i am planning might just not be appropriate for younger readers - not sure how to handle that yet, but we'll see. This is just setup, i haven't even got going yet. If you are a tad sensitive towards the characters, you might want to make sure you read future GTC strips with tounge firmly in cheek. It's black humor in the blackest of terms, i'm afraid. (I'm really worried about the next one ^^;;)
I'm just stretching some writing/funny/wrongness muslcles here. The last batch of Chapter 3 didn't allow much room for gaming humor or crazy humor - so i'm gonna loosen up a bit.
Frankly, the idea for what i was going to do didn't solidify till yesterday morning. I was originally just gonna do Grand Theft Auto - Otaku City and go from there... but for some reason, Grand Theft Colo popped into my head, i thought about poor Makoto-rin (who really is our server) and boom, it all fell into place. I was originally gonna do the Naze Nani strip first, but it wasn't comming together right... go with your strongest ideas, i always say.
Remember, I am a firm believer in contrast. Sharp, dark, heavy contrasts. I don't know what it is with my brain, but doing something like Grand Theft Colo actually helps me with the ideas i've had for my Haibane Renmei doujinshi.... go figure.
So, if this doesnt appeal to your sensibilities, my appologies for the segway, but its all part of messing around with MT

Piro speaks:
the guy with the blanket i call "Fanboy #1", the guy with the big glasses at the colo center, thats Ukyo. Makoto is the server the hosts the MT site itself (we've since added Nayuki). Fro Largo and Dom Johnson are, well... what they are :)