Piro speaks:
who's to say that boo isn't sad about all the sad things that happen in the world? Maybe, just like Watterson's strip where Calvin and Hobbs find a dead bird... is it just about a dead bird, or is it something more?
Life is an operation of informed ignorance and tempered innocence. You cannot live without measured ignorance and a degree of healthy innocence. If we did, there would be little joy in the world to counter the bad.
The 9/11 stuff has little to do with New York, Washington, polotics, islam or anything else, really. The real victims were the people who watched it on TV. Why did it hit home so hard? Death is very difficult for us to deal with - we have not only our own mortality to deal with, but the mortality of the people around us that we love and care for. Hatred, which is the the message that was being sent to us, is also very hard for most people to deal with. We are used to the kindness of humanity more than its crueless. Being slapped in the face with it hurt, and hit home in a very collective sense.
Many people suffer tragedies and horrible things on a daily basis. When we do suffer hardships, most of the world is not there to suffer or grieve with us. 9/11 is unique in our time frame because it was more communal than most tragedies.
we are all fairly simple creatures, a lot like Boo, really. Imagine how hard it would be to be a concience, and a temp at that... could you really take it all in and not burst?
I think that there are times that you would take your wings off as well, when it was too much to bear, but eventually, as your world comes back together and you are ready, you put them back on.
So don't be upset with me because i can't deal with all the sorrows of the world all the time. I'd break if i tried. I'd rather try to make people feel good and laugh. Yeah, there are times it's hard to strap on those wings, but you do it, they really aren't that heavy.