Piro speaks:
did it ever occur to you people that even the best, most talented and skilled individual sometimes is 'out of his groove'? I don't care how good you are, if you have too many distractions, if there is too much running thru your head, you aren't going to think straight, and you are gonna loose.
I've stated it myself - the Moe Moe sequence did not come off anywhere near as well as i wanted. I found that i couldnt draw the action sequences the way i wanted them to look. it lost 90% of its potency and a lot of the ideas in it once it made it to comic form. part of this is lack of focus on my part, as i have stated before. Part of it is being stuck in something that didnt work as well as i wanted. It happens. One thing you can't do once you are in something is just arbetrarily make it go away. I created the mess, i live with it.
Honestly, i cant figure you people out. I'm trying to develop largo a little, that is going to take time. He's dense, brilliant, and leaps before he even considers thinking. The classic definition of his weakness is pure, simple hubris. Any gamer out there with largo's attitude - sorry, you are not infallable. You do get humiliated, you do suffer falls. You bounce back... but do you just ignore what happened, or try to not let it happen again?
I ask that people not judge this sequence (which is 2 comics too long) until i have a chance to end it. There are reasons i've done what i've done, and stuck to somethings, and as has ALWAYS been the biggest friggin problem with doing webcomics - story arcs get judged harshly in the middle before they have a chance to play out.
that being said, please be patient. Largo is a horribly difficult character to control. If you don't think so, try to write something that gives him a chance to grow. I think it's an interesting challenge, and no one is more sensitive to trying to keep him in character than i am.