b33r = beer
Piro's rant marks this strip as the first he drew as a full time artist.

Piro speaks:
MT has gone thru so many changes since it started that its just not reasonable to expect it NOT to change in ways that loose some readers who liked one aspect more than another. I totally respect that. MT has changed in ways that many readers left over a year ago - but at the same time, the changes have attracted other readers. Doing a comic like this isn't like driving a car, where you can control exactly where things are going, its more like piloting a huge ass ship in the fog - you can only go by feel.
There is a part of me that struggles to keep certain aspects of the comic alive that it used to have, concepts that I really enjoyed myself but for some reason elude me.
Full time, Part time, whatever - MT is and always has been pretty much a one man show. When Largo and I were partners, I worked harder to incorporate his ideas. Now that i'm solo, there is no need to do that, except for the ideas that I like that used to fall under his watch. Writing problems and writers block really does last weeks at a time sometimes. I really have almost taken on too much now - i am alternating between warmth and MT (consider this - MT is 12 comics per month, Warmth is 34 pages per month. figure out the workload ^^;;)
But most of all, i respect everyone's decision to either read or not read MT. The only thing i can do is do my best. I only want people reading it if they really do enjoy it.