Piro speaks:
btw, just so you know, the original script for this comic was VERY racy - too racy, actually. Asmodeus's dialogue was far more explicit, and seraphim's responses had a lot more bite to them.
keep in mind that even tho the conciences are shown to be elements of some bigger organization, while 'on the clock' they can ONLY react on things that Piro already knows, and how he already feels. Think about it.

Piro speaks:
a: i dont like violence of any sort, so i certainly will not draw it.
b: i can't draw action. if you look at my artwork, its very static and boring - it's pretty much all i can do. I've been doing a good enough job of faking stuff to get the story across so far. anything more complicated i'm just not capable of.
Besides, how much violence is there in a typical real life? Isn't most violence implied anyway? :P