Is Largo just delusional?

Piro speaks:
It's all a matter of balance, people. besides, how do you know that that section of tokyo wasn't rebuilt in the course of a few hours?
and as for piro's comments about Largo, dont you think its easier to say your friend is off his rocker than to go into some lengthy explanation about something you dont really care about - mainly, largo's world. Piro doesnt REALLY know anything about it, except where they overlap. If you see a building today, and then see the same building tomorrow, do you REALLY know that it hasnt been knocked down and rebuilt in the interem?
one tidbit tho... the more complicated piro's 'reality' becomes, the less tolerant of largo's he is.
it's all about balance folks. its like building a bridge over water - it cantilivers for a while till the ends meet and the distribution of load makes more sense. It's about process.