seiyuu = voice actor/actress (in the strip title)
sensei = teacher
Bai bai = Bye bye

Piro speaks:
anticlimactic? heh. who said i'm finished? Jeeze, you people have no patience.
Besides, you have to keep in mind one of the basic tennants of the Megatokyo story and world - there is Piro's take on reality, and Largos. Why in the world would Ed and Dom come in and bust up the MegaGamers store?
Largo's purpose in life is to suffer physical damage. Piro's purpose is to suffer emotional damage. The similarities and differences between the crosses that they each bear is where some of the more interesting flavor of the story comes.
I admit, its been kinda shoujo-y lately. Balancing insanity with depth takes a certain amount of finesse, and i don't claim to be an expert at it

Piro's rant is rather informative.