Seraphim's shirt in strip [221] originally had "I♥NY" on it, but in this strip, the shirt has always been plain.

Piro speaks:
actually, the explanation was pretty simple. Seraphim was looking at the drawings i was working on and told me she didnt like that combination, and wanted to change it - the I love NY shirt was too gaudy ^_^
so, i changed it. I do like the new outfit better, and i'll just be sure to go back and edit the outfit on the previous strip

Piro speaks:
actually, it was kind of a 'hey, this I(heart)NY' t-shirt is too much - it distracts from what seraphim's doing. Seraphim agreed, and said she thought a different look might work better.
whats needed is for me to go back and edit the initial appearance of it. i dont know why its such a big deal.

Asmodeus speaks:
The scariest part is that today's strip is half true.
The Kanon cards were really rubbed on piro (Fred) in real life and he was about to drool. Hehehe

The girl on the card package?

Asmodeus speaks:
No, she's Ayu Tsukimiya from a major hit PC/DC game "Kanon". "Sad girl in the snow" was highly inspired by the game. Right now, a TV anime series is running in Japan.

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