Piro speaks:
There is a backstory to the whole Pirogoeth/Largo RPG campaign. As i've said before, it does not, perhaps, adhere to all these silly rules and formats that many people are used to living with. My point is that a good story and adventure will transcend the framework in which it is played/watched/experienced.
Only myself and largo know the particulars of the gameworld where this all happened. Fantasy worlds are just that - fantasy - even when you apply a gaming framework to them, i dont think there is anything wrong with ignoring the rules of games we all currently play - maybe thats where creative ideas for new games come from?
and maybe, part of the reason Largo and Piro are as successful as they are at this partucular game is that they are able to transend the framework a bit? Maybe Miho herself transends it a little bit more?
You can play with that analogy for now.