It's Brad Grier of BioWare, makers of NeverWinter Nights.
This comic started out a bit different. The original English lesson badmouthed Interplay, who was supposed to distribute NeverWinter Nights until they got into a legal dispute with BioWare. At some point during the day somebody decided it was bad form to have a comic depiction of an actual BioWare employee badmouthing Interplay while the lawsuit was still going on, so the comic was pulled and reappeared later in its present form.

Largo speaks:
We're slamming Interplay for their evil business practices against the good Canadian company - Bioware.

Piro speaks:
oh, fer cryin out loud.
a: i love canada. that's why i feel ok about teasing them. My mom's family is canadian - french canadian. I have a lot of canadian friends. People need to be able to laugh at themselves.
b: it's a JOKE people. taken too far? perhaps. Context is everything. If a joke rubs the wrong way its not because there is anything wrong with the joke, its because there are deeper issues that are causing hard feelings.
I accept full responsibility for the jokes in what (was) today's script. If you must know, it makes more fun of americans than Canadians.
MT picks on Otaku, shy guys, loud obnoxious guys, japan, gaming companies, John Romero (who has actually emailed me about it ^_^), Ravers, Goths, Teenagers, Sailor Moonies, Cosplayers, tough girls, overly nice people, angels, devils, and - first and foremost - ourselves.
We can make fun of these people and groups because we respect ALL of them. I wont pick on people and things i dont respect.