What's on the side of the ship?

Piro speaks:
its MOL.
it stands for Mitsui O.S.K. lines. look it up, its a real shipping line. ^_^

Piro speaks:
In actuallity, if this were a movie, these containers would be unmarked, perhaps just a Mitsui OSK containters, and i would zoom in on a shipping bill - but its a comic, so i gotta cut corners. (btw, i have seen SONY containers, believe it or not)
I used to ride the MARTA line from Decatur to downtown atlanta every day, and a long track of that went right by a CSX Intermodal yard, where containers are picked up off of trainsa and loaded onto semi trailers - most of the boxes were anything from Maersk, APL, Tropic, P&O Ned Loyd, YKK, etc, etc - i've always been facinated by intermodal container shipping. Private label are very rare. ^_^ Why buy when you can lease and let the shipping company take care of em?
Which is, of course, where i got the idea.

H.E.A.T. = High Explosive Anti-Tank

Piro speaks:
actually, this might be worth noting.
Originally, we were going to make a joke where Dom and Ed crash the airliner they are on into the ocean after letting off thier peices on the plane - and people in the lifeboats were so pissed they wouldnt let them on (and hence they had to swim the rest of the way to japan)
Obviously, I've nixed that entire senario (excessive violence of that sort allways worries me in the first place, much to Largo's chagrin (remember, he wanted me to do a bloodbath of zombie killing early on in the strip and i wouldnt do it ^_^))
Anyhoo, dont worry, they will be here. I'm purposefully avoiding gratuitous violence for a while.
It's interesting how some jokes just cant be done anymore. I eliminated a 'the building is comming down!!' cry when the lights went out in the arcade and the crowd was panicing. Obviously, that would not have been funny at all.