Piro speaks:
I, of course, am in the enviable position of (more or less) knowing more about whats going on than most people, but i think i'll add a few comments to todays strip to perhaps clear up some things.
First off, unlike many of the casual relationships in Megatokyo (friendships, aquaintences, zombie-like enemies) the interaction between piro and kimiko is the most complex in the story. As far as the dissapointment that love didnt blossom today and Piro and Kimiko walk hand and hand into the kitchen to eat spagetti together ala Lady and the Tramp - knowing what you know about Piro, do you REALLY think that would be even remotely believable in the course of what is, essentially, thier first face to face meeting?
About 90 percent of relationship development happens in your own head while the other individual is not there. THe reason that there ARE misunderstandings between people who are interested in each other is that they are trying so HARD to read into the rather limited 'data' they have from thier socially acceptable initial dealings with each other (its very rare to just ask someone out on the spot, and for that person to say yes, people tend to circle each other a bit to make sure they are reading the signals right).
Todays comic, as well as the previous few is rife with setup, and some much needed character development for Kimiko. As for 'nothing' happening - it's very possible that it was nothing. It could be nothing, and in this situation, with these two and thier particularly pathetic and neurotic personalities, it'd take both of them reacting for anything to happen.
Its my fault that you dont know more about kimiko yet - gomen - trying to fix that these days. But if you are expecting this whole thing to just be dropped, and it be another month before we even see kimiko again... that's a very wrong assumption. The repocussions of today's meeting will continue for a long time.
As the guy who draws and writes these particular parts, i sorta sigh at the fact that so much gets mis-read - but i cant blame you - you have no information to be able to see thru piro OR kimiko's defenses... yet
In relationships, the biggest obstical is always yourself.