Abunai = watch out!

Piro speaks:
Miho has been taken along with the crowd as they exited the arcade (the arcade has fallen into darkness because the destruction of the MMR machine blew some transformers somewhere in the grid) Miho (who, regardless of her personal strenghth, worldly or otherwise) is still a girl of slight build, and as such she's been tossed to the ground outside of the arcade. When she looks up, she sees and overhears Piro. She is looking at Piro in the next to last frame.
The final frame is simply l33td00d using a lighter to check on largo. It's not tunnel vision for Miho.
One should never have to explain that - but its a tough series of events to draw plainly, so i'm sorry i've had to explain it. Please forgive any confusion.

"Sweet run dude, but headslamming the screen? Bad, dude, baaad."
p4in = pain