Largo speaks:
1. the '1 Yen Arcade', was a nod to Penny Arcade of (, we are aware they call them 'game centers' in japan.
2. largo doesn't know the difference between yen and quarters, so why would boo?

Piro speaks:
before speculation gets too out of hand, you guys have got to relax a little about details. One thing you should always remember about Megatokyo - its about two AMERICAN guys in japan. Sure, Piro is well versed in japanese culture, etc, but he is still a westerner. And Largo... well, we dont know what the hell Largo is doing here. ^_^
I shake my head sometimes when i people get on my case about 'mistakes' made in the comic. These are NOT mistakes - these are diliberate jokes. Largo makes no diferentiation between a 100 yen peice and a quarter - so why would his concience? There's a whole metaphysical shtick about the conceiences that some people have tapped in to but many havent as well - isnt a concience really just an extention of yourself?
As for the 1 yen arcade - its a name (note that it is in english) and the joke really does allude to PA. When dealing with reality issues, does it REALLY say '1 yen arcade?' - or in realworld has largo just wandered into an arcade?
some gaffs are mine - something i didnt research right, or something i didnt have time to check up on (i had forgot about the 'game center' thing) but even so, many gaffs are not goofups by me, but goof ups by the characters.
and there are always those little jokes that only 4 or 5 people who know me and largo will get. Humor comes in layers.