glitching - exploiting a video game glitch to, for example, travel to areas that are not supposed to be part of the game.

Piro speaks:
walkin through walls...
(i think i'll make a full rez ver of this available, it was a complicated comic to draw)

Piro speaks:
as promised, here is the full size, 600 dpi version for your perusal:
(it's a little over 4 meg. the original PSD file is 115.1 meg.)
I looked over the JPG output, which gave me the best compression, and its spot on from what i can see, though there are probably some anomalous and artifacting i didn't notice, but it should do. I'm afraid zooming in on the scribbles is like zooming in on a Seurat painting - the detailing is an illusion :P

Piro tweets: Wanna see a the art for the comic at teh rez i work at? 5.375x7.5 @ 600dpi - 4MB JPEG (the PSD file is 115.1MB)