Piro tweets: screenshot of the colors so far: http://www.megatokyo.com/scr33n/scr33n_2009-12-09_45392.png

Piro tweets: screenshot of the coloring so far (background is still TBD) http://omoikane.net/arc

Piro tweets: some detail on the rendering and texture... yuki's outfit came out pretty nice, i think. http://omoikane.net/at5

Piro tweets: here's a screenshot of the mostly finished rendering: http://www.megatokyo.com/scr33n/scr33n_2009-12-10_37169.png

Piro tweets: side by side comparison - COPIC colored sketch to final cover rendering: http://omoikane.net/atr

Piro tweets: pretty close to the final cover, i think (might go with a different background color, but that's simple thing: http://omoikane.net/awf

Piro tweets: this is closer to the actual cover color: http://omoikane.net/az0

Piro tweets: yes, she will - red/fuschia underlayer that's hidden when her hair is down.

Piro tweets: Junko's hair style is as current in the story as Yuki's is...